A Comprehensive Logitech Z313 Speaker Review

The following is a Logitech Z313 speaker review that is specifically designed for those individuals who may be in the dark over what this product has to offer. To begin with, this happens to be an entry level 2.1 speaker system for computers from Logitech. As such, it is more than capable of providing optimal sound quality for this particular application. When compared to most other alternatives within the same price range, the Z313 is noted for performing infinitely much better than would be normally expected. Let us now take a much closer look at just what this PC sound system is in a position of delivering.

Logitech Z313’s notable features and distinct design

The Logitech Z313 speaker boasts of a maximum system output of 25 watts. Its speaker response rates vary from 48 Hz to 20 KHz. This naturally makes it well suited for usage in a small room or even office. The whole package includes two satellite speakers that are highly noted for integrating an extremely compact design, which certainly means they will not take up much of your desktop space. These satellite speakers are also angled in an upward direction. This unique design is primarily meant to relay sounds directly to the user when these speakers are placed on a desk or table. The whole system incorporates an attractive plastic matte finish that includes rounded edges and a chrome ring surrounding the speaker grilles.

The Logitech Z313’s subwoofer, which is crafted from wood, comes with a 4 “ down firing driver along with a front facing bass port. The latter of which goes a long way in facilitating for a smooth sound extension. The rear part of this subwoofer features a line in port for connection with the satellite speakers’ cables. It also has a connection to an AC power source. For convenient and stress-free adjustment of this 2.1 PC speaker sound system, it comes with a wired remote control pod.

Logitech Z31’s sound quality

Given, you should not expect an earth shattering sound output from this entry level 2.1 speaker. Nevertheless, it still has the necessary punch to provide excellent sound quality for casual music listening. Like earlier pointed out, the loudness of this PC speaker system can be well suited for small rooms as well as diminutive offices. On the other hand, its distortion levels are noted for not been too high. This definitely means you will be able to listen clearly to at least ninety percent of its maximum volume. The Logitech Z313 speaker system also offers a warm, laidback sound signature. With its mid ranges been undoubtedly the most conspicuous frequency it has to offer. Despite of this, its bass output also has the punch, and generally speaking this is a very well balanced PC speaker system.

All in all this product can be just what you need if you are looking for a PC speaker that is not only functional, but also one that will not necessitate you to break an arm or leg to purchase it. Well, that is a comprehensive Logitech Z313 speaker review for those who may be interested in this product.


Choosing the best 1440p gaming monitor is among the toughest tasks especially for a newbie. With the many brands on the market, do not just shop for the first 1440P gaming monitor you come across simply because it looks cheaper than you thought in the first place. There are things you have to take into account if at all you want a product that will not only meet your budget but also your gaming needs. Some of the most important aspects that you cannot afford to ignore include the panel type, refresh rate, delay time as well as adjustability just to mention a few of them. With all these factors at the back of your mind, one of the best places where you can get amazing deals when it come to gaming monitors is online. In the discussion below, we have reviewed three best 1440P gaming monitors that you can consider next time you think about shopping for one to better your gaming experience.


The monitor boasts of a 27inch display and top pier 144HZ when it comes to the refresh rate. In addition, it has 1ms of response making it ideal for anyone who wants to better his or her gaming experience. The NVIDIA G- Technology featured on the device keeps everything seamless. In other words, you will not experience cases of ghosting, screen tears or input lag among other frustrating experiences during gaming. The G-Synch helps in synchronizing your monitor’s refresh rates thereby promoting super smooth gaming experience that you might not realize if you decided to shop for another brand. Furthermore, it has full adjustability for the height, swivel, tilt and pivot giving you more reasons as to why you should consider it over other bands on the market.


ACER K272HUL has a sleek design and high resolution that makes it great for gaming. It has a response time of 5ms and 27inch display of the monitor allows you to multitask without any form of complication. You can open more than one window at the same without experiencing any hitch when gaming. The device weighs 12 pounds only, which is about half the weight of other gaming monitors on the market. It comes with HDMI and DVI inputs that help in improving on its functionality for better gaming.


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